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OGYouTube v4.2 MOD [Latest]

OGYouTube is a modded YouTube app with many features, such as Popup Playback & Download Videos!

You can download multiple downloads in the meantime
You can watch the video on Background & Popup Window
You can watch the video while the Screen is off
You can play all qualities 140p~1440p
You can download the video as [MP3]
You can download the subtitles
You can download any quality
Option to press back button twice to exit the video

What’s New

Version 4.2 – 08/11/2017
Updated to base 12.43.52 (1243523400)
Android Marshmallow is now supported
Fix download issues with some videos
Other bug fixes and improvements
Easily rewind or skip forwards 10 seconds by double-tapping on the left and right sides of the video player.
Other Fixes

MOD Info

OGYouTube is a modded YouTube app with many features, such as Popup Playback & Download Videos!

WhatsApp features for android

How to delete messages for everyone on WhatsApp
Delete for everyone has been one of the latest boons for whatsapp features for android users and enables people to delete chat in case it was sent to a wrong person by mistake. The Delete messages for everyone allows users to delete specific messages sent to either an individual or a group. Messages deleted for everyone will be replaced with "This message was deleted" in the receiver's chat. Similarly, the sender will also see "This message was deleted" in the chat. This will mean that the sender has deleted the message for everyone. 
It's worth mentioning that you can delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending the message. Once seven minutes have passed, you cannot delete messages for everyone.  

To delete message on WhatsApp, go to the chat containing the message you want to delete. Tap and hold the message or messages to delete multiple messages at once. Tap Delete at the top of the screen > Delete for everyone. 
For the delete for everyone to work, users will have to make sure that the sender and receiver are using the latest version of WhatsApp.  
Similarly, iPhone users can open the chat and select the message or messages to delete from the chat. Then, tap Delete > Delete for Everyone. 

How to create shortcut for specific WhatsApp chats
The WhatsApp shortcut for specific chat is one of the ways people can directly access the chat conversation even without opening the main app. To create shortcut for a specific chat, go to Chat > contact chat > Menu > More > Add shortcuts or chats. 

How to use Starred messages on WhatsApp
Starred messages is one feature that allows WhatsApp users to bookmark specific messages so they can quickly be referred to later. To star a message, tap and hold the message you wish to star and then tap the Star icon that appears on top of the screen. To unstar a message, tap and hold the message and select the remove Star icon.  
WhatsApp users can also access the list of Starred messages by opening WhatsApp and tap the Menu button. You can then tap Starred messages. 
Similarly, iPhone users will have to tap and hold the message they wish to star. Tap the Star icon in the menu.  

Starred messages

How to use two-step verification on WhatsApp
WhatsApp's two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to the account. One of the biggest advantages of keeping the two-step verification enabled is it requires the six-digit pin to access WhatsApp chats. 
To enable two-step verification on WhatsApp, open WhatsApp app > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. 
WhatsApp also optionally requires an email address when you enable Two-step verification which comes in handy when you forget your six-digit pin. This offers additional layer of security to your personal chats. 

Highlight messages on WhatsApp
Out of many WhatsApp features introduced this year, the company also added highlighting messages feature where users can turn texts in chat to bold, italic, and strikethrough.  
To bold the text in the chat conversation, add an asterisk on either side of text you are sending on WhatsApp. For italics, you need to add underscore on either side of the word. Similarly, for strikethrough just add tildes on both sides. 

Hide status for some users on WhatsApp
WhatsApp Status is a good way to express your feelings to your friends and families and you might want to keep it closed for only a few. By default, WhatsApp status updates are set to be shared with all your contacts. You can, however, choose to share your status updates with all of your contacts, or with selected contacts only.  
To change the status privacy, go the the Status screen > Tap on Menu button > Status privacy > choose who can see status updates. 

Change app language in WhatsApp
WhatsApp supports multiple languages across the world. In India, WhatsApp supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, and other languages. To change language of your WhatsApp, you can go to Settings > Chats > App Language > Choose the language you want to use. 

Send broadcast message on WhatsApp
WhatsApp broadcast messages might have taken a hit in popularity after the introduction of WhatsApp Groups feature. But, it is still one of the best ways to send public messages to your contacts privately. Want to invite people to your private party at home, you can always use 'New broadcast' feature. Broadcast messages are only received by contacts that have your mobile number saved. For sending broadcast message on Android, Chats > Menu > New broadcast. On iPhone, users can send broadcast message by going to Chats > Broadcast Lists > New List > Add contacts. 




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